Welcome to In Health


Welcome to In Health .
A collaboration of Health , Fitness and Wellness Specialists in UK and Czech Republic, we offer a range of bespoke therapies, treatments . Personal training, exercise and personalized retreats .

We are now also a Supplier of high quality UK made health food and food supplements .
We supply Organic supplements , herbal formulations , high protein Vegan powders and much more .

All our Organic health products are registered with the soil Association

There are a wide range of Vegetarian and Vegan supplements including our range of Vegan Protein Powders and our Organic Superfood formulation Totally Greens .

Featured Products

Brain Boost
Mental performance brain supplement PLUS energy and immunity support
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PBio plus
A multi-strain live culture combination (20 billion strength)
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Omega 369 oils
A balanced blend of omega oils
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Hemp Seed Protein plus
Hemp protein powder and phyto-nutrients blend
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Special Offers

Acai Immune Boost
Acai berry immunity complex with herbs, vitamins and minerals
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Totally Greens
High fibre organic foods blend of 35 green foods, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, mushrooms, sprouts and seeds PLUS bio-active enzymes
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